Robin Detmer- Body Awareness Class

Robin Detmer

Robin has been helping people get stronger and rid their bodies of pain for 15 years as a Physical Therapist. In recent years, she has developed a passion for connecting to the Spirit and finding peace within through meditation, mindfulness and breath. She designed this class with a desire to bring the lessons that she teaches individual clients to a larger group: simple but profound core strengthening, lengthening along myofascial planes, and connecting inward to the breath and self with acceptance and love. Participants report improved sleep; a feeling of peace and groundedness; and improved posture, alignment and stability. Class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels with Robin providing modifications, progressions and individual cueing as needed. 

body awareness with robin detmer

Body Awareness is a mind/body fusion class designed by Robin Detmer based on her many years working as a physical therapist and wellness coach. Robin designed the class to teach participants how to learn to inhabit their body, how to be mindful of their posture, alignment and breath, and how to bring strength to their core body and spirit. 

The class incorporates meditation, yoga, pilates and physical therapy exercises that focus on core strength, alignment, and relaxation.  

The first part of the class is a standing meditation focusing on the tripod foot, alignment over our feet, and then an energetic meditation of our own energetic microcosm and tapping into universal energy.  

The second part is a series of exercises designed to activate and retrain the stabilizing muscles of our deep core body. These exercises start in standing, then go through a few yoga poses and down to supine and sidelying.  We incorporate balance, yoga, Pilates, PT and Egoscue exercises always focusing on the core strength, breath, alignment and relaxation of the face, neck, shoulders, and mind. These are slow exercises that ask people to work muscles that are often overlooked but are critical. I always give modifications to make easier or harder and I go around occasionally during the class and make sure people are using proper alignment and the right muscles. I keep reminding them of the breath throughout and remind them periodically to keep their focus in their body. Nothing should be painful and there is always the option to rest if something feels unhelpful that day.

The final part if a deep relaxation in supine with me leading participants through a segmental relaxation of their whole body head to toes.

We end by all standing up again and feeling our posture, checking in with our bodies, noticing our connection through our feet, and thanking ourselves for taking this time with a few final invigorating breaths. 

Instructor: Robin Detmer

Thursdays: 7:00-8:00pm 

Drop-in Fee: $14  --  Save with a monthly pass or Anahata Membership.

Instructor: Robin Detmer

Fridays: 12:15-1:15pm

Drop-in Fee: $14  --  Save with a monthly pass or Anahata Membership.


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