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Due to Covid 19 we are closed until further notice.  Our instructors are available for private lessons, please email


Where healing meets wellness

The Sanskrit meaning of Anahata is unhurt, unbroken, unstruck sound. 

We create space to experience the wholeness of the heart through embodied movement and community healing. 

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Anahata Heart Center was founded by Wendy Strgar, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and owner of Eugene’s wellness brand, Good Clean Love. Wendy is a certified Yoga and meditation instructor and she began Anahata Heart Center in response to the unmet needs for grief processing that she encountered in her own grief journey. The center reflects Wendy’s personal challenges with grief and her commitment to expand the experience and awareness of love in the world. It now serves as a host for healing work in the Eugene community. Learn more…


“We hold a public space to explore the dynamic and
mysterious ways that our capacity for intimate
connection transforms us. We explore the many ways for grief to become praise.” – Wendy Strgar


Anahata Heart Center

436 Charnelton St.

Eugene, OR 97401